Rodolfo Velasquez

Club: Mcgrory’s Boxing Club
Entraîneur: Vinnie Ryan
Date de naissance: 15 juillet 1993
Ville natale: Hamilton, Ontario
Ville d’attache: Hamilton, Ontario
Grandeur: 165cm (5’5″)
Catégorie de poids: 60 kg




Rodolfo Velasquez was a month shy of turning 11 years old when a friend of his dad introduced him to Mcgrory’s Boxing Club. As a very hyperactive and rebellious kid, he remember his father telling him how boxing would be a great place to burn his energy as well as a great opportunity to learn self-defence, which turned out to be true! Once he started boxing, Rodolfo and his father would watch Julio Cesar Chavez and Mike Tyson whenever they had a fight, which inspired him to become a champion like them. Since his debut, he has been training hard for many years and had the opportunity to compete all over, representing his city, his province and his country. He loves to showcase his talent in front of crowds and to influence people to become better. « It’s the best feeling. » according to the 60 Kg Canadian representative.
Being an adrenaline junkie, Rodolfo loves the feeling of « being on edge » that boxing has procured him since the first time he sparred. It’s a sport has helped him grow as a person and the skills acquired through these challenges can then be applied to his daily life, such as his ability to handle pressure and fast thinking. Boxing has also led him to meet many new friends! 
Rodolfo pictures himself representing Canada at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Professional boxing is not out of the question either! Beside his career as an athlete, he was obtained his diploma in police foundations at Mohawk College and he would also like to have his license as a plumber.


SURNOM : Latino Heat
ÉMISSIONS TÉLÉ & FILMS PRÉFÉRÉS :  Dragon ball Z, Ninja turtles, Prison Break, the Walking Dead, Enter the Dragon, Bloosport, Falcon Rising, One Bak 1
MUSIQUE PRÉFÉRÉE : Hip Hop, EDM, Reggeaton, Dancehall
REPAS TYPIQUE AVANT UN COMBAT : Poulet parmesan avec des pâtes
AUTRES SPORTS & PASSE-TEMPS : Soccer, basketball, escalade, jeux vidéos
ENDROITS À VISITER DANS SA VIE :  Tokyo, Bangkok, Barcelone, Las Vegas
FAITS DIVERS QUE PEU DE GENS SAVENT SUR TOI : Je peux faire des « flips »
OBJECTIFS DE VIE & CARRIÈRE : Je veux devenir un plombier



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Posted on: 27 juin 2017